March 04, 2022

Parent Workshop 3/19 (Virtual)

As a parent, do you sometimes find it difficult to motivate your teen to do what is good for them?

On Saturday March 19th from 1-3pm Journeymen Triangle is hosting a virtual workshop for parents of teenagers to explore this and to equip parents in helping their teens to become independent, responsible and honest.

John Craichy will be facilitating this interactive zoom workshop. John is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works with many teens/young adults specializing in trauma, addiction and change management and he also serves as the Board President of Journeymen Triangle. There will be

Whether your teen is active in our program or not, you can expect to walk away from this workshop with:

  • More self-awareness as a parent and a better understanding of your impact on your teen
  • Understanding of your teen's transition from dependence -> independence
  • The difference between control and influence as a parent
  • Tools to steward this transition in a way that better serves your teen, family, and the world

This program is offered to all current parents of boys in the program and it will be open to any parents, mentors or therapists that work with teens. In lieu of a program fee, we will request your feedback after the session and invite donations. Although we support 13-19 year old teenage boys on their journey to becoming men of integrity, we welcome parents of boys & girls to attend the workshop, knowing that this knowledge applies to parents of both. 

Please register here by March 16

If you have any questions please contact Jake Humphrey (

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