September 15, 2021

Fall 2021 Rites of Passage Adventure Weekend

Journeymen Triangle in conjunction with Journeymen Asheville are proud to announce the Fall 2021 Rites of Passage Adventure Weekend is taking place October 22-24 at Camp Arrowhead (40 minutes South of Asheville, NC).

The Journeymen Rites of Passage Adventure Weekend (ROPAW) is designed to challenge participants physically and emotionally in a container that also celebrates the passage from boyhood into manhood. They will be encouraged to look at and share feelings that they may have never acknowledged before within a community of men. During the weekend, the initiate will become known as a Journeyman, or J-Man for short. 

Stepping through the doorway into initiated manhood is an important step for every boy on his Hero’s Journey.

ROPAW will be held in the traditional, full capacity unless new restrictions come into place around Covid-19. This means it will be a new experience for a lot of our boys who have joined Journeymen in the past couple years.

This event will take place from October 22-24 at Camp Arrowhead, about 40 minutes south of Asheville.  We’ll meet the boys at 1:30 on Friday, and finish up around 4:00 on Sunday.  Our tuition cost is 500.00, which helps us cover food and materials.  A non-refundable deposit of $100 is due two weeks before the event begins, with the remaining balance payable by the Monday before.  We do not want cost to be a prohibitive factor for families, so please reach out if you are interested in registering but need scholarship help in order to make it a reality.

And please—help us spread the word!  If you know boys who might benefit from such an experience, please put them in contact with us!  Folks can contact us for more information.

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