January 28, 2020

Current Status As Of January 2020

Journeymen is a volunteer-driven organization. Since becoming officially incorporated in 2011, we have had an active and fully operational board of directors. We believe that consistent staffing will make it possible to develop and expand our programming for years to come. At the beginning of 2019, we hired two Journeymen graduates as our part-time program and executive directors’. 

Over the past nine years, we have not only seen growing numbers of initiates participating in our Rites of Passage Adventure Weekends, but also an increasing number of returning Journeymen who want to serve as staff, as a way of staying involved.

In 2019, the number of boys participating in our ongoing Journeymen groups (J-group) has tripled. We now have J-groups on Mondays and Tuesdays and are looking to add a third group this year. J-groups provide an opportunity for boys to check-in with each other and to support one other in a brave and intentional way. As our numbers continue to grow, we hope to partner with an organization that can provide a community space for these meetings.

In 2015, over a dozen Boys To Men centers from the U.S. and Canada came together to found a national 501(c)3 Boys To Men, USA in an effort to bring group mentoring and rites of passage services to many more boys in the coming years. In 2016, Journeymen submitted to the national board a letter of alignment confirming our solidarity with this programmatic expansion and commitment to developing our programming in Asheville and Raleigh.

Journeymen is excited to move forward in collaboration with Boys To Men, USA, as this alignment empowers existing centers to learn from each other’s programming and to collaborate on research and federal grant funding.

Additionally, we are exploring opportunities with public and private schools in the area to provide mentoring groups after school. A partnership with the school system will enable many more boys to have access to support from men who are invested in them, while also benefitting from a safe and confidential space where they can speak what is on their minds, explore their emotions, and begin stepping consciously into manhood.

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